What is AMOR?

Angela Merici Online Resources [AMOR] is a collaborative initiative to make information and multi-media presentations on Saint Angela Merici and the Ursuline charism more accessible to diverse audiences and for differing applications.  Whether you are just becoming acquainted with Angela and the Company of Saint Ursula she founded, or are a long-time friend, the AMOR Project is here to welcome and assist you.  We invite you to explore the topics and utilize the tools this site offers, and the links and references to other materials which may support your spiritual reflection, classroom engagement, or academic research.

We have gathered here an initial collection of digital articles, reflections, and video presentations.  Since many other excellent resources are available online, we have begun to provide brief descriptions and links to those sites, as well.  As we digitize, discover or receive new online materials or references for Merician and Ursuline studies, we will update and expand our offerings, citations and links.  Our bibliography surveys a range of materials available in English, identifying the genre, topic, and intended audience.