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Angela Merici’s Writings were dictated to her scribe and confidante Gabriel Cozzano, a notary, who also documented early accounts of Angela and the primitive Company [see The Scribe & the Witnesses below]. The Ursulines of the Roman Union are responsible for these critical studies and the critical edition of the Writings [i.e., Rule, Counsels, Legacies] of St. Angela Merici, as well as the English translation (Rome: 1995) from the Old Italian included here [various versions available on Ursuline and Company websites].  Each of the texts, Rule, Counsels, Legacies, may also be accessed individually under the proper subheading, which also includes any studies or commentaries proper to each text.

Brief Overview [Monica/cosu.blogspot, 2009]

Complete Writings of St Angela of Merici   Digital Editions

English and Old Italian downloadable digital edition [searchable PDF] (92pp)

English (with Scriptural citations) in searchable document format (27pp) 

Commentary on the Writings

Stone, Ignatius. Commentary on the Writings of Saint Angela Merici : Rule, Counsels, Legacies. S.L.: S.N., 1996.

Critical Studies

Ledóchowska, Teresa. , osu, Angela Merici and the Company of St. Ursula : According to the Historical Documents. [v.1 -Angela Merici; v.2 – Company of St. Ursula]. Rome: Ancora, 1967.

Mariani, Luciana, Elisa Tarolli, and Marie Seynaeve, osu . Angela Merici : Contribution Towards a Biography. Milano: Ancora Milano, 1989.  click for text

Rio, Marie-Bénédicte, osu.  Angela Merici: The scribe and the witnesses [Three Writings of Gabriel Cozzano, Angela’s secretary and Chancellor of the Company (1540-1546)] Testimonies of the Life of the Reverend Mother Sister Angela Franciscan Tertiary or Processo Nazari (1568). Rome. Roman Union of the Order of Saint Ursula. 2001. click for text

Textual Analysis [Charts] 

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Video of Calligraphy Texts

Wisdom of Angela. Collection of Angela’s maxims in eleven paintings by Sisters Aloyse Stocker (watercolor) & Dominica Widmer (calligraphy). Louisville, Kentucky. mid-20th century.  for individual paintings see  Media