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  • Songs of Angela

    Angeline songs:  lyrics, sheet music and recordings will be posted, as available: German Federation Media Angela songs Denise Pyles, author/composer, vocalist,  Angela Songs, sung with Mary Claire Van Orsdal, accompaniment & vocal, Louisville, KY, 1989.  Lyrics Angela’s Prayer  harmonization sung by St. Ursula Academy Concert Choir of Toledo Angela’s Story Charism Chant Like a Piazza [Siate Piacevolezza] Live in Harmony Pilgrim Women […]

  • Video Collection : Angela in Movement

    Conferences: Martha Buser, Also in Your Midst, chapter by chapter video playlist. Martha Buser, Lover of Us All, chapter by chapter video playlist. Martha Buser, Charism in Conversation, 2019. Carol Curtis, The Holy Spirit Upon Us, 2020. Carol Curtis, The Way Love Works: The Charism of Community, 2020. Art: Aloyse Stocker & Dominica Widmer, Angela’s […]

  • Maxims – Watercolor & Calligraphy

    Sisters Aloyse Stocker (watercolor) & Dominica Widmer (calligraphy), Louisville Ursulines,  eleven paintings, mid-20th century.   Wisdom of Angela video of collection.    To view individual paintings in collection click here