Contemporary Communities

The vitality of Angela’s charism is best seen through contemporary Ursuline congregations, provinces and Companies  [see directory for links to websites]; contact information is included in the historical synopses below.

Historical synopses by congregation (1991) with map and current community contacts and links.

Chart of Foundations for Autonomous USA Congregations


Ursulines of Bruno (Saskatchewan)

Canadian Union of Ursulines (Québec)

Ursulines of the Chatham Union (London, Ontario)

Ursulines of Prelate (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Company of St. Ursula, Canada


Ursulines of Belleville (Belleville, Illinois) [merged with Mt St Joseph]  foundation

Ursulines of Paola (Paola, Kentucky) [merged with Mt St Joseph]  foundation

Ursulines of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) foundation

Ursulines of Mount St Joseph (Maple Mount, Kentucky) foundation

Ursulines of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio) foundation

Ursulines of Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) foundation

Ursulines of Brown County (St Martin, Ohio)  foundation

Ursulines of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio)  foundation

Ursulines of Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio)  foundation

Ursulines of the Roman Union 

Mexico Province

USA Provinces: East, Northeast, Central, Western

Company of St. Ursula, USA

NAULC  & Ursuline Society  chronology