Welcome to Angela Merici Online Resources [AMOR]

In the spirit of Saint Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursulines, we welcome you to Angela Merici Online Resources [AMOR].  Whether you have come for research, spiritual enrichment, teaching or presentations on Angela Merici and the Ursulines, AMOR is at your service.

We have provided topic headings with hyperlinks to facilitate your navigation of the site.  Each topic includes a brief overview or orientation and links to materials available online, both here and on other sites.  We will continue to expand and update our listings, so visit AMOR again.

The annotated bibliography includes both printed and digital materials with links as available.  Under the Multi-media Resources heading, descriptions and links for images, music and videos are provided; these materials are also referenced under their appropriate topical sub-headings.

The contemporary vitality of Angela’s spirituality and the Ursuline charism is seen in its unity and diversity by visiting the various websites of communities and organizations of the Merician Family as found in the Directory.